Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Return of the King (from picking up his daughters at daycare)

This is just one of the weird random things we find left out by the girls after their attention spans drag them elsewhere. Another common discovery is every seat at our dinette occupied by stuffed dogs - and no, they're not playing poker, I think they're coloring and having birthday parties. Remember the people on plates from a few months ago? That was just creepy. And the superhero's sitting around a cup of water with half-naked polly pockets? I also have another picture which I'm reluctant to post, containing two female dolls under the sheets of a toy bed, one kind of on top of the other. I really like them at that age, and I'm completely sure that I'm gonna miss this kind of stuff when I start finding non-Dora undergarments and wrappers from the monthly 'you-know-whats' laying around.


At 2:04 AM, Blogger VeeFlower said...

Pass the Kleenex, because I also feel these kids are growing up and soon we will be missing the antics of the young and silly. Once I read something about a woman who was sick and tired of cleaning up messes. But one day she realized how precious those little handprints and toy scenarios were. She realized she would always find the scissors right where she left them and it made her sad that she had yelled so much about the kids losing things. I am glad you are appreciating this time, because it does go by before you know it. That is why I am anxious to spend more time with the kids.


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