Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A very Veenie christmas

Ahh... here we are once more. That most magical night of all nights, the night before Christmas Eve (or whenever we get an opportunity to have our Christmas in between other Christmas'es and my visitation schedule - in this case, Dec. 23rd, 8 pm). It was exceptionally sweet, with everybody getting exciting, touching, well-thought-out gifts, and no yelling whatsoever. It's about love, and togetherness, and giving from the heart, not to mention acquiring every single one of the materiel items you've had your eye on for the previous year but didn't have a good enough reason to buy.

Here's a rundown of the major acquisitions: Hailie - clothes, jewelry & giftcards, Twins - 'Wake-me-up' Rescue pets, & Barbies ('Baby Dr.', 'teacher', and '12 dancing princesses' varieties), Chantze - PS2 games and a Red Ryder B.B. gun, Cindy - perfume, undergarments, and season 1 & 2 of Newsradio, me - laptop accessories, boots, and the PC game and clothes I got early.


At 4:34 PM, Blogger VeeFlower said...

Ahh...knee deep papers and smiles all around...that is the kind of Christmas I remember! As for spoiling the kids, I don't think material things spoil them as much as mot making them work and take responsibility. I love giving my opinion, by the way.

At 4:48 AM, Blogger Chill Daddy said...

Your opinion is welcome. I'm keenly interested in my kids turning out at least as good as your kids - maybe a little better.

At 2:12 AM, Blogger HUBBYMAN said...



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