Friday, December 29, 2006

Hailie's song

She did a good job, huh?

btw, big birthday party for everybody at Grandma's, Sat, Jan. 13th.

Jibson Christmas program

Kids impromptu play

The kids make up yet another play

First gifts 2006

After posing and unneccessary delays, the kids finally get to open one.

Veenie Baby Christmas slideshow 2006

Veenie Baby Christmas slideshow 2006

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

And then on Christmas Eve...

Will he shoot his eye out?

Unlike Ralphie from the movie, Chantze has been very conscientious about safety and such. I can't get him to use a better posture, but his aim is surprisingly good. In this instance, not having a white Christmas worked to our advantage - the weather has been just lovely, and we were able to spend a couple days outside shooting. Here we are aiming at this 'Hawaaian Punch' container, and after about fifty shots, I felt a richocheted BB bounce off my shoulder. On closer inspection, the plastic punch carton was completely undamaged - the BB's had been bouncing off from it the whole time. I'm a bad 'parental superviser' I guess. We switched over to a beer can at that point.

A very Veenie christmas

Ahh... here we are once more. That most magical night of all nights, the night before Christmas Eve (or whenever we get an opportunity to have our Christmas in between other Christmas'es and my visitation schedule - in this case, Dec. 23rd, 8 pm). It was exceptionally sweet, with everybody getting exciting, touching, well-thought-out gifts, and no yelling whatsoever. It's about love, and togetherness, and giving from the heart, not to mention acquiring every single one of the materiel items you've had your eye on for the previous year but didn't have a good enough reason to buy.

Here's a rundown of the major acquisitions: Hailie - clothes, jewelry & giftcards, Twins - 'Wake-me-up' Rescue pets, & Barbies ('Baby Dr.', 'teacher', and '12 dancing princesses' varieties), Chantze - PS2 games and a Red Ryder B.B. gun, Cindy - perfume, undergarments, and season 1 & 2 of Newsradio, me - laptop accessories, boots, and the PC game and clothes I got early.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Hailie's school pic - sort of.

Here's another couple miscellaneous and meaningless photos. Or are they?

And lastly, Dalphon the great.

Glamour Ghouls

Just playing around with the new camera. These're some cute ones, eh?


He came back with bags full of souveniers, mostly for himself, but there were several nice things for his sisters so we can forgive him. It was all money he'd saved himself anyway. He did bring the digital camera and took a few pictures, but I'm not gonna put them up at this juncture. Maybe later if everybody begs good enough.

I want to ride this more than any other ride in any other amusement park anywhere in the world.

We Chucke-eed while Chantze was away

We had lots of fun, even without the boy, and took lots of video. For some reason, I only felt compelled to upload the video that explains the pictures. It amenable to my sense of balance I suppose.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Testin the new videocam

This may not work, but if it does, it is a movie I made of our practice of the song we're doing in church this weekend. "What Child is this". Hailie's singing, I'm playing guit-box, and Cindy's the puppet. That ugly white frame of the puppet theatre is now covered by brown materiel which I'm proud to say I sewed myself on Cindy's mom's sewing machine. I'm sure I'll post more pics after the fact, but I was just curious if I could put all of my newfound graphical tools and knowlege to work.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tic off another one (total of eleven)

Here's the only picture we have of Chantze's birthday party last weekend (of Chantze anyway, there are several of Elia). It's a shocking, scandelous situation, I know, but our digital camera is getting so old and hard to use. It's got duct tape holding the battery door shut that you have to peel off every time you need to change the batteries, (which is everytime you go to use it) and the flash takes almost two minutes to charge for each pic - no exaggeration. So we've been needing a new camera for a while, and a few nights ago, we bought one - as a sort of a family Christmas present. In fact, it's a hard drive, digital video camera, so we might be posting some videos from time to time. That's if it doesn't take too long to upload with dial-up.

But back to the party. Chantze had a few buddies spend the night, and I think they all had fun. He got a star wars playstation game, starwars action figures, a star wars lightsaber, and we got him this other big lightsabre kit so he can build and design his own, but it turns out that its so fancy, he doesn't want to take it outside or use it to fight his cousins with. So anyway, yeah, it was a big 'star wars' party, even the cake had a couple jedi fighting on top of it. I'm kind of ashamed that we didn't get a better picture of the cake, but veeflower got almost the same shot, with the cake, here.

Incidentally, Chantze is gone to Florida right now and we let him take the rotting digital camera, so, we ought to have some pictures of his trip for you next week. Between that, the new camera, and Christmas a-comin, Veenie Babies posts should be more prolific in the near future.

(one last little thing - turn on your powers of perception and click here, what do you see? Nothing? try again, don't give up)