Friday, August 25, 2006

More stuff I wuzgonna blog

Excuse number 1: I get too busy raisin' em to blog em.
Excuse number 2: Short story contests
Excuse number 3: Playstation

Here's a quick story fer ya - I took all three kids to Chantze's Dr.s appt. yesterday. He had a massive wart on his toe. Dr. Woods brought out a cryo-kit and a scalpel, and cut it off in front of all of them. As he was shaving it with his scalpel, Chantze was very nervous, but the normally shy twins crowded around the doc, hypnotically drawn by morbid fascination. I thought I was going to have to tell them to back off and give him some air.

As we were leaving in the van, Chantze starts talking about this dirt behind his ear, how he washed it off, but then it came back, and it's really bothering him. I looked at it, and saw not only a terrible rash, but a dry split where the back of his ear joins his head.

"Dude, why couldn't you tell me that before we left the doctor?"