Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wrist Watch Update #3: Adventures in Orthopedics

Today Paige met Dr. Jeffrey Recknagel, the nicest Orthopedic Surgeon in town. He put her permanant cast on - a glow-in-the-dark, waterproof short-arm cast. No more sling. We're excited that she can bathe and it gives her more use of her hand, she's excited that it's so hard (squeeze it, Daddy). She refuses to smack Chantze with it although I've offered to let her several times.

Dr. Recknagel is man I admire - a truly genuine, down-to-earth Christian, who treats non-docs like people. He hopped up on the examination table and made her feel as special as I would have. Paige's impression: "He has hair right here and right here (indicates sides of head) but not right here (top of head)."

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wrist Watch Update #2

Brooke's Reaction:

"My bones are bigger so they won't break, feel 'em!" (makes muscle)

Wrist watch update #1

Paige gets her cast on tomorrow, so we had to pick up her x-rays today. We haven't installing the viewbox in our palace's medical station yet, so in the meantime, I hold them up to the bathroom light and take digital photos - forgive the low-tech graphic.
All of her friends at school had lots of questions for her today, the only answer she could give them was "I jumped on furniture."

Paiger-poo's News

"I broked my arm."

Jumping from the couch to the recliner has never been encouraged in our household, and now we have a good example of why. I foresee many occasions in the future when our children will hear the phrase, "Stop that, remember when Paige broke her wrist?"

Her and I had a lovely time together at the medi-center, until they put the splint on her arm. As soon as they walked out, she looked at me and said, "When the clock goes to five, I might take this off."

Sorry baby, you got six weeks.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Things I 'wuzgunna' blog:

When we were kids and would get in trouble for not doing something we were supposed to do, Mom usually deftly deflected our excuses. I think one of her favorites was "But mom, I 'wuzgunna'. . . " I won't tell you how she responded once when Laura tried to use this excuse, but the point is: we learned quickly that 'wuzgonna' is not a valid explanation for a failure to do something.
So, having said that, let me now say - sorry I haven't been active here lately, I've been active other places. To make up for my absence in a lame, hasty manner, here is a list of the things I 'wuzgunna' blog:

1. All of our kids are doing just fine: happy, healthy, and wild. There're at least two funny stories a day I could blog about, but I'm too caught up experiencing them to document them, know what I mean?
2. I saved probably a thousand dollars hauling load after load of garbage from my barn to Ravenna's dumpsters they provided on 'community clean-up day'.
3. My Dad came into town unexpectedly, and we were able to spend a few pleasant evenings together. Perhaps next time he'll come when no-one is near death.
4. Our grass is coming in nicely, and the lilacs are exploding (see photo above, taken from the far edge of our property)
5. The cement contractor poured my driveway too short and overcharged me.
6. That's Hailie's sister Molly in the top picture, sleeping with Brooke. We had her one night and she was an absolute riot. Paul spent the night the same night, and I think she fell in love with him.
7. We released the lil' bunny into the wild, and Chantze saw him a couple days later with a bigger bunny.

That's all for now, but I'll surely keep you in the loop next time. After all, when have I ever promised you that and not delivered? Technically: never.