Sunday, February 26, 2006

Party at Pinhead's

Top row: karaoke bliss

Bottom row: dance fever

In the very center of the collage is a picture of me with my cousin Micheal, the King of Sleep. He epitomizes 'phlegmatia'. Read his T-shirt, it's especially funny because I don't think he has a job right now.

To the right of this picture was the absolute highlight of the night. First of all, Hailie sounded excellent - as good as any proffessional (and in front of 50-60 strangers), but when she got up and sang 'Forever', Chantze and Paul got up behind her and did some wild, funky dancing. It was hysterical, several people told me how good she sounded and how much they enjoyed the impromptu back-up dancers.

I'm rearing entertainers.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


There's a spot out in the woods where vine-laden trees are fallen down against other trees and bushes. The tangled web of climbing-delight is a place the kids call, 'Oh yeah...' (spoken with a sly-eyed nod). To be specific, the particlular vine Hailie's standing on is called 'Oh yeah' - everything else in Mother Nature's jungle gym is a secondary pleasure.

So last night, as it was getting a little dark, the bigguns went out to show it to their friend Paul (top left). Cindy was making a nice dinner, so I went out to call for them. When they didn't answer, I figured they were playing a game with me and hiding or something. I went back in a little disgusted, but then when it was time to eat, Cindy called out back for them again - no answer. As the littluns made the table, I went out to find them. I trekked through the now dark woods, calling their names, telling them I wasn't playing around and they better answer or they'd be in trouble. Finally well beyond our property and some time later, I heard a far off cry. I yelled, they yelled back a little closer. I continued yelling, and they followed the sound of my voice. Soon I saw the shapes of three bodies speeding between the trees, contrasting against the white snow. They ran up to me out of breath, excited and relieved, all talking at once about how long they'd been lost. They were so glad to see me. They recounted their adventures, the things they found in the woods, the threatening 'no tresspassing' sign, and debated at length who's fault it was that they'd gotten lost in the first place.

I led them back to the house, but they were still in a little trouble. They got a lecture about wandering too far away, too late, and not wearing enough warm clothing - really something disasterous could have happened - there aren't a lot of houses out here. Since they never found 'Oh yeah', they resolved to go back today, with Cindy, because she grew up out here and knows her way around the woods.

Cindy did take them, she even took the twins - in broad daylight - and guess what?

They all got lost.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's hard to be ugly amidst so much beauty

I really like this picture of Hailie and Cindy. Thus, you get to look at it.

Aaaahhh..... my girls.

Veenie Quoties

What do you want to say to the hundreds of millions of people surfing the internet?

Hailie: "I don't know, I have beautiful hair and clothes."
Paige: "I love my pink and white dog"
Brooke: "I have money in my beautiful purse"
Chantze: "Me Tarzan, king of jungle"

So... even if they don't solve global warming and end world hunger, I still think they're pretty cool. They make me laugh -- and that's my only 'great expectation'.

Cadet Sunday, 2006

L-R: Chantze ushes with Ryan (the ketchup-slurping kid), our group photo, minus all the kids that didn't fell like getting out of bed, me an my homey's kickin col in the church yo, Chantze reads a lengthy segment of Matthew in front of First Reformed's rapt congregation (uh, yeah, he used his high girly voice)

Friday, February 03, 2006


It's pretty self-explanatory:

Before = sad.
After = happy.

(I liked Chantze's hair long though)