Sunday, January 29, 2006

Birthday cake word scramble

"Habrdaphptiyy to me
Habrdaphptiyy to me
Habrdaphptiyy dear Daddy
Habrdaphptiyy to me"

Is the cause of this tragic misspelling:

A:) My wife's lack of an advanced language degree?

B:) Birthday-cake, word-scrambling, prankster-gremlins?

C:) Another malicious attack on the sanctity of my family by none other than 'Shortenevil'?

D:) The result of the combined effort of one dozen half-crazed, non-reading, ankle-biters desperate to be involved in the delicate and complex arena of cake-decorating?

If you said 'D', you are correct, and you've probably been reading this blog for too long.

So, my 35th birthday party (eight days ago) was pretty fun. I got a tool belt and stuff. I actually turned 35 at one of those alcohol dispensing establishments the night before this. We went with Mom and Jamie (shortenevil) and that was also pretty fun. I haven't had that sort of 'grown-up' recreation in quite a while. In fact, I don't remember ever celebrating my birthday at an alcohol dispensing establishment. Probably cuz I'm a nerd (see above photo).

Anyhoo, sorry for not being quite so bloggy lately. I've been spending my free nanoseconds writing - nearly finished with the fourth book - and playing the playstation games Chantze got for Christmas. So as you can see, this blog has kind of slipped on the old list of priorities.

Take care y'all, and God Bless.

How much does Chantze's Aunt love him?

Enough to put a secret toy surprise in the corn bag she made him for Christmas.

Chantze tells the story like this: "Well, um, I put it on my head and the needle stuck in my head. Then I went and told my mommy and I was not crying. Mom told me to put it on the counter. The end."

We saved it to humiliate Jamie.

Now all of cyberspace knows. Tell 'Shortensweet' (or should we say 'Shortenevil') how you feel about sharp objects hidden inside of children's gifts at Junk from Jamie.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The lovely Elia Dawn Jenkins

(top left) This was the only one actually taken today, but let me tell you, this sweet little baby is always sociable and happy. Her parents might disagree in the middle of the night, but I'm gonna hold to my personal opinion. We love watching her but NO, it doesn't make us want to have another one.

(bottom right) This was taken almost two months ago. This is her dad, feeding her a hard sucker WAY before she should be having anything other than milk. Please forward this image to Child Protective Services.

Just another day in paradise

We took today off from work in honor of the day of my birth, and tomorrow, the 35th anniversary of the day of my birth, we will also be observing this momentous occasion.

Anyhoo, since we were home, we had the privelage of babysitting Elia, and, sending our own kids off to school for a change, thus the pics.

The real reason I’m blogging, though, is because when I woke the twins up this morning, Brooke told me about the dreams she had. Cindy’s Dad is very interested in her dreams and pays close attention to them everyday (he’s the one that usually gets them off to school) and it’s not very hard to see why. I’ll share one with you, but keep in mind, one has to ask her a lot of questions to get the whole story out of her, she doesn’t tell it in quite this linear a progression:

Mommy was eating in the kitchen and a 'shadow boy' passed in front of the house. Four dogs who were outside came running in and told mommy how scary the green ghost was. She couldn't go the window to see for herself, though, she had to finish eating.

What the heck, that one was so much fun, I'll tell the other one:

Scary monster ghosts were at Gramma Violet's house while she was cooking in the kitchen. One of them looked just like Papa Doctor except he was green. Brooke had to save everybody by talking to the scary monster ghosts (I can only assume she convinced them to leave).

Okay, psych-analyzers and spiritists, what do these dreams mean?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A nice pic and a lame excuse.

Here's a picure I haven't posted yet, but which I'm sure all the Veenie Babies followers will enjoy.

(Sorry for not updating. I've been busy doing yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah.)

My birthday party is on Friday, so I’ll certainly have something interesting to post afterwards, but in the meantime, here’s a little tidbit to hold you over.

The setup: School was cancelled yesterday due to ice, so the kids stayed with my in-laws who live next door. They normally don’t do this, but they let Chantze come back to the house to play on the computer, so he was home alone for awhile. Then Cindy decided to call and check up on him.

Chantze: Hello?
Cindy (disguising voice): Is your mother there?
Chantze: Who’s this?
Cindy: Sarah.
Chantze: Uh…. My mom’s at work.
Cindy: Is your dad there?
Chantze: Well…. Uh…. My mom and dad are at work right now, but this is Chantze, leave a message after the beep…… BEEP.
Cindy: (lectures at length regarding answering phone and telling strangers he’s all alone)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hailie's big 12th birthday par-tay

These pictures tell the whole story