Monday, November 21, 2005

Something truly beautiful. . .

Because that last post was disgusting I couldn't leave it at the top of my blog.

Pretty hot, huh?

(back off guys - she's mine)

Not for the weak-stomached

Here's the story;

We had an early thanksgiving with my side of the family, and everything was very nice. As usual, however, the kids got more than a little wild at the dinner table. When they finished eating, they started mixing their leftovers into as vile a concoction as possible and were laughing about how gross it was. As my mother was cleaning up, it bothered her how gross and wasteful it was, so she decided to try to teach them a lesson.

She added her own vile twists to the concoction, then grabbed a fistfull of spoons and called all of them back into the kitchen. She told them that because they wasted all that food, in order to get dessert, they'd have to take a bite of what was left. She was joking of course, but they all actually did it. Then she told them that Chantze and Hailie had to have two bites for being less than honest about encouraging their cousin Emily to make the slop in the first place. And they did!! Then I noticed that Emily had somehow slipped through our dragnet, so we dragged her up there and she took a bite too!! Then, when we told them that it was a joke and we would have never actually made them eat it -- Emily took another big bite!! Then, because everyone else had two bites -- Grace took another bite!! Then, I was so sick from watching them that I had my Mom throw it away before anyone else could take another bite.

It was all so disgusting, I almost threw up from the smell.

Afterwards, Mom sagely made an alarming observation... our kids are very susceptible to peer pressure.

Overall rating: bad parenting.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Nov 16, First day of snow

Winter in Michigan is a tough time of year, but we have to admit, there's nothing more beautiful than soft white flakes drifting lazily through the air. Yes, the roads were slick today, yes, I had to clean it off the windows of my truck in the parking lot, and yes, my hands froze while I was pumping gas, but -- what can I say, I still think there's something magical about the white carpet draped across the farm fields of our new town.

This pleasant scene ended just the way you would expect - one child crying because of a snow projectile, one child crying because nobody would stay outside to play with them, and one child in trouble for making the other two children cry.

And lest we not forget. . . three reddened faces slick with sinus drainage and tears.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Chantze updated, and it's important.

Just thought you'd all like to know.

BTW, here's a recent picture, in case you forgot what a freak he is.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

And in the back yard...

Cindy took these pictures on Friday. Then she went out to put out some more corn and scared about ten of them out of the trees Eat your heart out Brian.

On a related subject, the night I built my first fire (see the earlier post) my brother in law was trying to hunt on my father in law's adjacent property. He said my singing scared all the deer away. Sorry Treau.

Anyhow, I'm a little ashamed of the abundadnce of dirt back there, please believe me, it'll be grass next Spring.

Still though, it's good to live in the country.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Costumed freaks, part III

Generalized Halloween action. The pictures speak for themselves. Posted by Picasa

Costumed freaks, part II

L-R: "Leapordess" Brooke, "Angel" Paige. Now, in real life, Brooke is an angel, and Paige is a hellcat (it's a good thing they can't read yet). I'm not dissing my own daughter, though, don't get me wrong, her huge personality amazes me on a daily basis. Anyway, notice, in all the pictures you can find of Brooke, that if she knew I was taking a picture, she'd do this same pose. . . it killed me. Posted by Picasa

Costumed freaks, part I

L-R: "Mother Earth" Grace, "Ninja Lord" Chantze (in a hood-down pose), and "Alcatraz escapee" Emily. For those of you who remember Bunnyjo from the golden age of blogging, Grace and Emily are her spawn. Posted by Picasa