Sunday, October 30, 2005

It's good for the soul.

Another reason it's good to be in the country.

I spent Saturday working in my yard, mainly moving dirt around. That's right, now that I'm in farm country, I've become a dirt farmer - don't take your grass for granted, tell it you love it and appreciate it everyday. One great thing I accomplished, though, was this nifty firepit (I needed extra dirt to level out where my front walk will be).

So later on, when all the dirt molecules were finally settled in to their new homes and my body was sore and tired, I grabbed my guitar and a few beers and built this gorgeous fire. There's nothing like a fire to make one feel creative, thoughtful, and introspective. Externally I may have appeared 'spaced-out' or something, but let me assure you, the blank stare and drool on my chin was because I was thinking about how much I wished I had a hot dog to roast. Ah yes, my first fire, in my new firepit, on my new land, near my nearly new house, in a new town, on a new planet . . . there's nothing better - it's good for the soul.

Want to know what I thought about for three hours? How much I wished my family were there to enjoy it with me. Later on, when Cindy did bring the kids back, they sat out there with me for about an hour, then wanted to go inside because it was cold, plus they each had a grocery bag full of candy from a church 'Halloween alternative'. I can always count on Chantze, though, he was there with me to put the fire out.

Water was our second method. Guys, you know what I'm talking about.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - it's good to be in the country. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 28, 2005

My front view this morning

All I can say is - it's good to live in the country
The only ugly part is my front yard, but there's not much I can do about that until Spring.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pumpkin Artisans

So I made a big production out of making the carving go as clean as possible. Note the newspaper and garbage can butted up to the island on Paige's left. I took Paige's shirt off because it was a school shirt (Brooke's wearing a play dress), and all she wants to do is spoon the seeds from the island to the garbage. She won't touch the icky stuff like Brooke and Chantze, she's such a priss. Posted by Picasa

Every home has at least one indoor trampoline

Jumping on your parents bed is the coolest. It's not only really fun, it also is a little daring, a little naughty, and a little risky, all adding to the sense of adventure. I remember jumping on my Mom's bed with my sister, singing "I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock and roll." For extra credit, who were we pretending to be, and what approximate year was it? Double-bonus question, why didn't we play something cool like Buck Rogers? Posted by Picasa

Brooke has an 'eye'.

I noticed Brooke posing her stuffed animals and then taking pretend pictures with them with a toy camera, and I realized that she plays this game a lot. So I asked her if she wanted to take some real pictures with my real camera and she said, "Duh, what are you, some kind of idiot? Of course I want to use a real camera." Er, she actually just nodded her pretty little head with her big brown eyes glowing sweetly up at me. Anyhow, these are three of the pictures my five year old posed and took herself. I didn't edit them in any way. Perhaps I should encourage this hobby. Or maybe, I should wait until I have a new camera in case she makes this one explode or drop from a high tree. Remember, she is only five. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Veen Homestead in Infancy

The moment we've been waiting for is finally here. WE'RE IN !! (thus all the blog entry's you've been waiting for). Okay, now, keep in mind that this is not the final phase that you are seeing in this picture. Use your imagination and paint in, well, grass for one thing... driveway, sidewalk, shrubs, planter boxes, fruit trees, split rail fence, and one great big ol' American flag flying proudly in the front yard. .........aaaaaahhhhhh. I feel happy. Posted by Picasa

Two windows, four scenes

Front and back views, before and after... uh, I'd thought it would be a little more dramatic. Still, it is GOOD to be in the nice quiet country, and it's good to be done. Obviously I'll be doing lots more work in the spring on the yard and landscaping, any volunteers? Posted by Picasa

The Year in Pictures

These pictures basically demonstrate the SLOW progress of our building project. In the bottom right corner is a paste-up I did on the computer way in the beginning as a sort of a 'concept' drawing, (sorry so much is cut off) compare it to the one on the bottom left. Circle all the differences you can see between the two pictures, I'll start you off -- at some point between then and now, all of the leaves turned orange... okay, you're turn. Posted by Picasa

Elia Dawn Jenkins

Elia Dawn Jenkins, born Oct 11th, 2005, 3:45 am. 10 lbs 0 ozs, 20 1/2 inches. Welcome to our family. Posted by Picasa

The new niece (and her parents and grandparents)

Top L-R: Mom (Kristin) holding her first baby, the Jenkins family (Kristin, Elia, Eddie), Proud grandparents (Ed and Elaine), Elia and Me-Maw. Posted by Picasa

It's not a hurricane or tsunami, but...

This is the power company guys trying to restore power to my in-laws and their neighbors after the twins birthday party. NO JOKE. Somebody, let's call her 'Erin' to protect her anonymity, no, better call her 'Jane Doe'. 'Erin' is too much like her real name, 'Erin'. Anyhow, 'Jane Doe' backed into one of those phone pole anchoring wires as she was leaving, the pole and all the cables shook, slapping into one another, shooting off giant sizzling sparks (I am not exaggerating), which started two fires in the grass in the foreground. Electrical service was knocked out WAY into the night while two crews worked frantically to restore the power so the bubble boy across the street wouldn't DIE. (okay, the bubble boy was an exaggeration). Anyhow, Erin, I mean 'Jane Doe' was supremely embarrassed about the whole thing so I'd just like to say, "Don't be, it's okay, this sort of thing happens to us all on an almost daily basis, right guys?" (everybody nod in innocent agreement) Posted by Picasa

Brooke and Paige turn FIVE!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BROOKE AND PA-AIGE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. You'll note the awesome 'slumber party' cake, five little twinkie bodies with marshmellow pillows and candy faces (skewered by burning sticks) looks awful cute, huh? Well... the reason both cakes aren't 'slumber party' cakes is that decorating this deceitfully complex bit of devlish pasty drove me, Cindy,and my mother-in-law into an almost homocidal frenzy of frustration. BUT, 'all's well that ends well'. The party was still nice and nobody got murdered. Posted by Picasa

Birthday Party

Top L-R: Brooke in a birthday princess dress holding her birthday baby. Paige in her birthday ballerina outfit wearing her birthday lipstick (yeah, in case you ever wondered, makeup is the PERFECT gift for a five-year-old), the birthday guest posse, and the twins behind their towering gift-pile. Posted by Picasa

Grandma's AWESOME cast party

Top L-R: Chantze busted a cloudy one while singing "I'm in the jailhouse now". Hailie helped Brooke sing, the twins sang "Twinkle Twinkle", very sweetly. Middle row: Chantze Hailie and Brittney sang "Heigh-ho", Hailie sang "Everywhere", and it was GOOD, Brooke and Omi did a duet. Bottom row: A demonstration of Grandma's fog machine on full blast, it was funny when the kids couldn't see the moniter and tried to wave the fog away, Grandma helped Brooke sing "Tomorrow", maybe? Last but not least, this wasn't just a cast party, it wasn't just a karaoke party, it was more than food and games and pinata's, it was also a DANCE PARTY! Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 21, 2005

Karaoke was only the beginning

First off, sorry to everyone on the edge of these pictures that got hacked off by the collage tool. This was an AWESOME party, as one could surely tell from these pictures. Top L-R: Couch dwellers Brooke, Shortensweet, and Bunnyjo (Aunt Jamie and Aunt Laura), next is me and Hailie en route to said party, photo by Brittney, next is the feast, lotsa people cut out here which SUX! Middle row: the handsome Anhalt family, Grace, Hailie, and Brittney (and Cindy), and Chantze, COVERED in Ravenna Bulldog graffiti, again, cut off, unfortunately. Bottom row: the big kids pinata, cut off arms holding up severed limbs (from inside the pinata), and the little kids collecting loot from the little kids pinata. Posted by Picasa

We don't need no education, but our younguns do

It's hard to see, but that's Brooke running up the driveway after getting off the school bus, probably something good coming on TV. The other pictures are of the kids physically getting off the bus, and another picture of the twin's first day. Posted by Picasa

They're in Kindergarten

Waiting for the bus in their first day of school ever. Posted by Picasa

Last time at Michigan's Adventure

Top L-R: Cindy, Chantze and Josiah on the swan, Paige and Brooke captain their ships (you can't tell in this picture, but thier shirts were the same color as their boats - not on purpose), My three beautiful daughters, Mom and twins on wild thrill-ride coaster Posted by Picasa

Last time at the waterpark

Top L-R: pirate Hailie, Brooke and Chantze, also part of the pirate crew, Brooke and Daddy slide in tandem (like fools), Paige is a water fairy ballerina princess Posted by Picasa

Dan and Katie's reception

Top L-R: Dance with Chantze Brooke, Dance with Chantze Bride, bouquet toss, and, yup, Hailie caught it and had to dance with the guy that caught the garter, SHE WAS SOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE, but the guy was real nice. Posted by Picasa

Dan and Katie's wedding party

Top L-R: Lovely bridesmaid (named Cindy), Loss flowergirls (their four daughters), The new Loss family, Bride Groom and the guy what married em'. Posted by Picasa

Veenie Babies clean up nice

Family pic at Loss wedding Posted by Picasa