Friday, September 23, 2005

Vital Veen Information

Yeah, we're still here. We're staying with the in-laws during our little building project and I don't really have the on-line facilities there to keep this blog updated like I'd like to. I have pictures and collages and storys gallore, but they're all going to waste right now.

News of note: The kids are back in school, the twins have started kindergarten and love it, especially the bus (they want to invite their teacher to their birthday party). They're learning numbers and letters and art and music... I think. Or maybe they just like to spontaneously sing out in class, it's hard to understand their stories sometimes. Chantze, much to his relief, made friends pretty easily. A boy from his baseball team last year moved to Ravenna, and their teacher unknowingly sat them next to each other, there's another boy in his grade whom he's met in Cadets, and it sounds like the girls have noticed him right off. Most days they play 'jailhouse', where girls chase them and put them in some playground structure, then they break out and get chased again. It's good to see that the game I invented in third grade is still a schoolyard favorite. In other news, our house is progressing, but not quickly enough for us sometimes. Other times things progress too quickly and it's not quite how we want it. Contractors.... grrrr! We left our unhealthy church, and it was very sad, way more traumatic than you'd think. There are only a handfull of people left there and they're panicking. We've tried a couple of other churches, one of which I'm really excited about (we bumped into quite a few other people who preceeded us in leaving our old church). I'm trying hard to restrain myself and try some others before I make a hasty decision.

It's not so bad staying with Cindy's parents. They're generous, loving people and our relationship is very healthy, but it's still hard being in somebody else's house. For example: I haven't had a single beer in almost a month. It'd probably be okay with them if I stuck a six-pack in their fridge, but I'm trying to be respectful. Another problem is that the kids are all sharing one room. Most nights there is some sort of conflict with Chantze in one corner and the twins in another, bickering over blankets or videos or stuffed animals instead of sleeping. It'll all be over soon, though, they're building the garage now, and the well and septic are in. We'll need a propane tank, they have to finish the blockwork, and they haven't done anything to the drywall yet which is my biggest frustration because we want to get in there and paint before we move back in. Pray for us.

Well, folks, don't stop checking in, I'll be updating regularly again soon enough. I miss the blog banter something fierce.