Monday, August 22, 2005

This weekend we went to a park...

Clockwise L-R: Beautiful Hailie, Beautiful Paige, Beautiful Brooke, Strange-looking Chantze
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...instead of going to Michigan's Adventure...

It rained for most of the early part of the day, so we reluctantly decided not to go to the water park, but once it got nice, we readily decided to take the kids to a park. In the top left picture, note that the older children aren't wearing shoes. They can be found in the top right picture. One of favorite things to do at any park, is waiting for Chantze and Hailie to get on the swings, then I snatch the shoes off their feet and put them somewhere high where they have to, first walk to barefoot, then find something to throw to knock the shoes down. For added fun, sometimes I wait for them to fall then snatch them again and put them somewhere higher. Cindy and Brooke walk the gangplank on the bottom right, Chantze takes a break on the bottom right. Posted by Picasa

...celebrated Grandma Larson's birthday...

Clockwise L-R: Grandma blows out the candles (we couldn't afford 73 candles, so each one represents ten years), after this, the cake slid off the platter-thingy and almost ended up in her lap. Next, Brooke gives Grandma a homemade card. On the bottom, the kids played downstairs for a long time, and I gave Hailie the camera to capture some of the fun. She ended up with some pretty cute pictures. Posted by Picasa

... and rocked out at a karaoke party.

Clockwise L-R: Brooke sings 'Twinkle, twinkle', Cindy (and Sarah) sing 'I can't remember but it was something like doo-wop diddy or something', Chantze sings 'I'm in the Jailhouse now', and Hailie sang 'A thousand Miles' and did an OUTSTANDING job, everybody was amazed and cheered. "Yep, there's another singer in the family". Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Ode to sleep. . .

It's like watching a movie cuz it's best when
you're with someone you love.
It's like money cuz you never have as much as you want.
It's like swimming cuz you do it scantily clad.
It's like lying cuz kid's do it cuter than grown-ups.
It's like eating cuz it can actually kill you if you don't do it,
or if you do it too to often.
It's like gravity cuz it'd be really cool if there was no such thing.
It's like brushing your teeth cuz you have
to force your kids to do it everyday.
It's like sunny days cuz Cindy gets
grouchy if she doesn't get enough.
It's like an IRS audit cuz sometimes it
happens when it is most unwanted.
It's like a free meal cuz you resent your dog or
cat for getting more than their fair share.
It's like smashing a beeper cuz I got in
trouble once for doing it at work.
It's like showering cuz people aren't comfortable
having their picture taken while doing it.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

I love this woman. Isn't she hot? We celebrated our anniversary last night and it was really, really nice. We didn't do anything real special, just went out to eat at a pizza place, then took a drive and talked. But just being together, alone, without kids...all night... was good for the soul. She's sweet and funny, beautiful, easy-going, thoughtful, understanding, not a complainer or a nag or hot-tempered, just genuinely NICE. And the best part is how much she's in love with me (and how well she takes care of me). Let me say it one more time -- I love this woman. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Sword and the Soul: Castledraem revisited

The princess of Fire and the Queen of Souls entertain the royalty in the Courts of Castledraem.

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Chapter One

top left: The royalty of Castledraem makes merriment in their court.

top right: The Fire bird arrives and informs them that there is going to be trouble.

bottom left: The princesses have disappeared! The King and Queen of Souls (pictured here)
and the King and Queen of Fire each suspect foul play by one another.

bottom right: After several altercations, the Queen of Fire reads a proclamation from the King
of Fire, that the King of Souls is a knave.
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Chapter Two

top left: Not to be outdone, the King of Souls makes a proclamation that the Fire Kingdom is now their mortal enemy.

top right: The two kings meet in furious (and lengthy) battle.

bottom left: The fire bird arrives and informs them that the princesses are in trouble!

bottom right: The King of Souls pledges his sword to the King of Fire. Posted by Picasa

Chapter Three

top left: The princesses are threatened by a horrible dragon.

top right: The heroes arrive just in time to protect the princesses, but can they defeat this evil beast?

bottom left: They decide to strike all at once, and the dragon is defeated!

bottom right: They celebrate by dancing and singing together, Castledraem is safe once more! Posted by Picasa